Weddings FAQ

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Who will I be working with while planning my event?

All of our clients have the full support of the Keeneland Hospitality Team behind them. One of our Keeneland Coordinators will work closely with yourself and your wedding planner to ensure that your special day exceeds expectations.

Can I take photos on the Keeneland Grounds?

The Keeneland grounds are open to the public 365 days a year. Photographers are welcome to take photos on our grounds, but must follow a few simple rules*. Absolutely no one is allowed on the track or turf course at any time. When encountering horses, horses always have the right of way. Never touch a horse unless you have permission from the horse's handler. Horses are highly strung animals, so when in the vicinity of horses, please don't make sudden movements or loud noises. Flash photography as well as flash attachments, lights and/or photo umbrellas are not permitted to be used around the racetrack, stable area or in the vicinity of any horses.

*In the months of April and October, photographers and videographers working for a news or other media outlet are required to be credentialed by Keeneland.

Can I provide an outside catering company?

All events on Keeneland’s grounds are required to use Keeneland Hospitality. Please note that there are food and beverage minimums for all Keeneland venues. Please contact a Keeneland coordinator for more information on venues and catering minimums.

Can I create my own menu?

We have a wonderful variety of menu selections, however if you have a special request, we are happy to discuss customizing a menu package with Executive Chef Marc Therrien.

What does my rental include and for how many hours?

With your rental, you may begin setting up at noon the day of your event. If Keeneland has not booked the facility the evening before, you may be able to set up earlier. Depending on availability, additional setup and tear down days may be rented.

What are your bar options?

All of our bars are completely customizable with pricing based on consumption. Added touches such as bourbon tastings and specialty cocktails may also be provided upon request.

Are taxes and gratuity added to my bill?

There is a 22% service charge and Kentucky Sales Tax on all food and beverage. Items rented by your Keeneland Coordinator from an outside rental company will also include a 22% convenience fee.

Do you have suggested vendors that you recommend?

We have several vendors we work with often - but no required vendor list that you are required to use. Please contact a Keeneland Coordinator to discuss recommendations for your event.

Are there any restrictions on décor?

Overall, we are very open to various typse and styles of décor with just a few restrictions. No existing décor may be altered or removed by clients or invitees without the advance written approval of Keeneland Hospitality. We also ask that all decorations for the event be approved in advance by Keeneland Hospitality. Any decorations that could possible damage the ceilings, walls or floors will not be allowed. No birdseed, rice, confetti, glitter or helium balloons are permitted. Candles may be used but must be enclosed in glass containers such as hurricane globes or votives.

How will my guests know where to go?

Keeneland will have directional signage on our grounds and your Coordinator can also assist in providing a map to include with your invitations. We encourage you to include the name of your venue on your invitation as well.